Regulations for the Asian Junior (and Girls U-20) Championship



  1. A tournament for the Asian Juniors (and Girls U-20) Championship will be organized each year by one of the affiliated chess federations in Zones 3.1 to 3.7, to be designated by the Continental Assembly, if possible two years before the event is to take place.




  1. Entitled to participate are chess players from the federations in Zones 3.1 to 3.7 who shall not have reached the age of 20 before January 1st of the year in which the tournament will commence.


  1. The players placed 1-3 in the previous Championship and the Asian Boys (Girls) -18 champions of the year preceding this edition will have a personal right to participate in the tournament if they fulfill the condition of Article 2.


  1. In addition to the players mentioned in Article 3, each affiliated federation in Zones 3.1 to 3.7 will have the right to send one representative. The organizing federation shall have a second place in the tournament, and holds a player in reserve to make an even number of participants, if necessary.


  1. Additional (extra) players per category from national Federations can also be registered subject to payment of the entry fee per player in advance; and payment of the full board and lodging of the additional player(s) to the organizing federation.




  1. The Asian Chess President represents the interests of the Continent and is empowered to take the final decision on all questions relating to the Championship as a whole.


6.1 At least four months before the beginning of the tournament the organizing federation will send an invitation to all affiliated federations in Zones 3.1 to 3.7.


6.2 The letter of invitation shall be approved by the Continental President for Asia.


6.3 Copies of the invitation shall be sent to him, to the FIDE President, and to the Presidents of Zones 3.1 to 3.7.


  1. At least two months before the beginning of the tournament each federation accepting the invitation shall send its entry to the organizing federation.


7.1 Copies of the entry shall be sent to the Continental President for Asia and to the President of the Zone to which the Federation belongs.


7.2 The entry fee stipulated in the Financial Regulations shall be paid through the organizing federation.


Playing Schedule


  1. The tournament will be a 9-round Swiss System.


Playing Conditions


  1. The tournament will be played according to the Rules of Play of FIDE.


  1. The time limit is 90 minutes for the whole game with an increment of 30 seconds per move starting from move 1. The games shall be played using the DGT clocks.


Chief Arbiter and his Assistants


  1. The Continental President for Asia will - after consultation with the organizing federation - nominate the Chief Arbiter, as well as the necessary assistant arbiters and other officials.


11.1 The Chief Arbiter may, in consultation with the Asian Chess Federation, and with the approval of the Continental President, issue additional written regulations to inform the exact playing hours and take care of other details not covered by these regulations.


  1. Protests, including protests against decisions of the Chief Arbiter or his assistants, must be submitted in writing to the Chairman of the Appeals Committee within one hour after completion of the playing session.  A protest shall be submitted with an accompanying fee of $100 or its equivalent in local currency. If the protest is upheld, the protest fee will be returned otherwise it shall be forfeited to the organizing federation.


Appeals Committee


13 The Chairman of the Appeals Committee shall be nominated by the Continental President in consultation with the organizing federation. The Committee shall be composed of five members and two reserves, all from different Federations, chosen from among the representatives of national federations present.


13.1 No member of the committee will have the right to decide on questions concerning his own federation. In such cases the member concerned will have the right only to partake in the discussions in the committee.


Designation of the Winner


  1. The order of the players is determined according to the number of points obtained.

If at the end of the tournament two or more players are tied, the tie shall be broken by the tiebreak systems in the following order:


  1. a) Direct Encounter.
  2. b) The greater number of wins.
  3. c) Buchholz
  4. d) Buchholz Cut 1, Cut 2, etc.


14.1 In case the above does not produce a decision, the players remaining tied will be proclaimed joint winners of the title Asian Junior Champion.


  1. (GA `93) The Asian Junior (Girls U-20) Champion shall be awarded the title (Woman) International Master. Clear first place is equivalent to a (Woman) Grandmaster norm. (cf. B.01 Direct Titles)


15.1 (GA `93) The Asian Junior (Girls U-20) Champion will have the personal right to participate in the World Junior (Girls) Championship if he/she has not exceeded the age limit in the meantime. This privilege may be exercised only once in the following year. (cf. World Junior Regulations D.IV.05 Art. 4b.)


Financial Regulations and Prizes


  1. The traveling expenses of the participants are to be paid by their national federations while board and lodging will be provided by the organizing federation. Entry fees according to the Asian Chess Federation Financial Regulations must be sent to the organizing federation.


17 Before the beginning of the tournament a list of prizes shall be published together with other prizes to be awarded, and the conditions to be met for winning them.


17.1 Moreover, the organizing federation shall award a gold-plated medal to the winner (or winners) of the title Asian Junior (Girls) Champion, a silver-plated medal to the player who took second place and a bronze medal to the player who took third place.




  1. On completion of the tournament, the Chief Arbiter shall deliver to the Continental President an official written report on the course of the tournament with supporting documents, if appropriate. Copies of these reports are to be extended to the organizing federation.


  1. Within two weeks after the closing ceremony, the organizing federation shall submit a rating report to FIDE.



  1. Within four weeks after the closing ceremony, the organizing federation shall present the Continental President for Asia with a general report on the proceedings.