14th Avicenna Cup - International Chess Festival

1. General Regulations & Rules
1.1 The Tournament shall be governed by the FIDE Laws of Chess.
1.2 The categories are as below:
· Category A Master tournament- for Players with Rating 2100 and higher.
· Category B for Player with Rating less than 2100 and unrated players.
1.3 The tournaments are open to all local chess players and foreign players who have FIDE ID.
2. Financial Regulations
2.1 Entry Fee: The entry fee is free for GMs, IMs and players with rating 2400 and higher.
All other players must pay an entry fee of 100 USD to the organizer.
2.2 All the payments should be done in cash upon arrival.
3. Playing Venue & Accommodation
3.1 The Playing Venue & Official Hotel shall be in Hamadan.
3.2 Free full board accommodation for GMs and free accommodation (without meals) for IMs will be provided by the organizer from 21st August (arrival) to 28th August (departure) 2017.
3.3 Hostel fees are as below: (per person/ per night)
3.4 All participants and all accompanying persons are obliged to lodge at the official Hostel. Bookings of official Hostel for the event should be done through the organizers only.
4. Format of Play
4.1 Time control: Each player shall have 90 minutes with the addition of 30 seconds per move starting from the first move.
4.2 Category A shall be conducted in the Swiss System of 9 rounds and category B in 11 rounds.
4.3 The Pairings will be made using Swiss Manager Software and shall be announced as soon as possible after each round finishes. Pairings will be published on the www.chess-results.com website.
4.4 Default time is 30 minutes.
5. Tie-break System
5.1 The final ranking order of the players is determined by the number of points scored. If at the end of the tournament two or more players are tied for the first place or for any prize, the tie shall be broken as in accordance to the following:
Category A: a) Rating Performance b) Direct Encounter c) Buchholz Cut 1
d) Buchholz Cut 2 e) Sum of Buchholz
Category B: a) Direct Encounter b) Buchholz Cut 1 c) Buchholz Cut 2
d) Median Buchholz 1 e) Sum of Buchholz
6. Schedule
7. Prizes
7.1 The money prizes provided by the Organizing Committee are as follows:
7.2 All prizes are in IRR (Iranian Rial)
7.3 Tax for Cash prizes is 10%.
7.4 Only one prize can be awarded to a player. (The highest prize)
7.5 If two or more players are tied, the tie-breaks systems will be used. (Prizes will not be shared)
8. Appeals Committee
8.1 Protests against decisions of the Chief Arbiter or any other Arbiter must be submitted in written form to the Chairman of the Appeals committee within 30 minutes after completion of the playing session. The protest must be accompanied with the sum of 50USD as a deposit from the signatory. If the protest is accepted and the decision changed, then the deposit will be returned back to the claimant.
8.2 The decision of the Appeals Committee is final, binding and takes effect immediately.
9. Visa
9.1 All players and accompanying persons who require a visa to enter Iran must send a copy of passport (page with photo and key information) to the organizer before the deadline of 1st August 2017 after which the Organizer shall not be responsible.
10. Contact
Ø Mr. Khashayar Poormoslemi
Events Committee Director of Hamadan Chess Association
Mobile: +98 918 811 9989
Ø IA Amir Erfan Hashemi
International Arbiter and Events Committee member of Hamadan Chess Association
E-mail: a_e_hashemi@yahoo.com
Tel: +98 918 812 4581